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Thread: Atlas Copco Wiring

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    Default Atlas Copco Wiring

    I bought an Atlas Copco vac pump, and it has a disconnect plug on the back that I'm not sure how to wire. It's a 3 phase motor with a Lenze VFD. I'm running 12/2 wire to the VFD and 12/2 from the VFD to the pump. Both 2 hots and a ground.

    I've wired the VFD with L1 and L2 as being the hot lines coming in and the ground.

    I've wired the VFD T1 and T2 (or U and V) to be the hots and the ground leaving the VFD going to the pump.

    The vac. pump has a fancy disconnect plug (female side) that came mounted to the pump and wired on the inside. The wire coming out of the VFD to the pump needs to be wired to the male side of the plug. The male side has terminals number 1-3 with a ground designated. I believe that T1 and T2 should be connected to terminals #1 and #2, respectively. Am I correct? It made sense, but I wanted to double check before I did it, and I was trying to avoid taking the cover off to check it out.

    I hope this made sense, and let me know if you need more info.

    VFD Wiring

    Plug to be wired

    Vac. Pump plug

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    Where did you buy the unit? Maybe they can provide wiring. Vfd would have to be one capable of converting single phase to three phase. Unless you already have three phase power. Either way a three phase motor needs three hot or power wires plus a ground.
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