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A week might be possible if you are a decent fabricator, and have the parts. However, if you don't have the parts, it will take a bit to collect them (Ebay, Amazon, etc.) If you look carefully for stuff, you can probably build one for around $1000. You need a skid (frame) to mount everything (some people use a hand truck), and you probably need to make a few mounting plates or fixtures. Teddy and I used extruded aluminum (80/20) frame. You could also weld up a steel frame.

Basic design is simple, a feed pump, both Teddy and I use a Goulds J5S (Ithink that is the model), a pressure pump (we both used a carbonator pump - Procon rotary vane pump). Membrane is a single 40 inch Dow Filmtec XLE membrane. 10 inch filter with 5 micron element to remove any junk in the sap. 1/2 inch SS needle valve to create the pressure drop needed. Various pressure gauges and flowmeters on the outputs so you know what is going on. It is nice to use quick disconnects on the membrane vessel for easy removal and maintenance.

You also need a wash tank that you can put into the system for cleaning the membrane after use.

Take a look at the manual for the micRO on the Leader website - the single membrane version is almost exactly what we built - they use multi-stage centrifugal pumps instead of the pumps we used so a bit different. They use a 5 gall bucket for washing.

For simplicity sake, we recirculate concentrate back into the sap tank, and do a multi-pass through the RO. This is most efficient for water removal, but requires time to slowly build sugar concentration before starting the boil.

All in all, I think it would be a stretch to get one done in a week - Depending on your time, your skill, parts, etc. It might be better to put your time in now on getting everything you already have going. It might be better as an after season project, like we did with Teddy.

If you want to try, I am more than willing to coach you, though my time is a little limited by work and with the season in swing.

Thank you. That's a lot for a week , work gets in the way, lol.