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Thread: 2018 Bulk Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrTimPerkins View Post
    It is hard to say precisely, because packers aren't marketing the syrup directly in many cases. They sell to wholesalers and retailers, so any margin is split between those parties. What I hear from packers is that the retailers (especially the big markets like Costco and Walmart) are squeezing them to lower their prices, but the stores are not dropping the retail price. So while having big reserves (in Quebec) is probably good for ingredient markets to keep prices stable, having an oversupply that retailers can see acts to drop the wholesale price they will pay to packers.

    Then again, we have the U.S. $ to Canadian $ that still factors into it as well. It's all a bit murky at those levels....and the packers are obviously reluctant to discuss it because they don't want other packers to know their prices or customers.
    Yes, after I wrote the previous......it dawned on me about what the big box stores are doing behind the scenes. With that being said, there was another post earlier in the year about the exchange rate and its relation to prices. At least a few months ago, most on here were at the consensus that US syrup should be worth $2.30 - $2.40 /lb. based solely on the exchange rate, NOT $2.00 /lb. for grade A.

    Where we made syrup long before the trendies made it popular, now its just another commodity.

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    When I sold my first bulk syrup i got 3.20/lb for it. Just like any other ag segment, going down while the cost of everything else climbs.

    So what do the packers and big box stores do when the exchange rate goes the other way and price goes back over $3?
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