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Thread: Tapping in Bug Tussle

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    That is good to hear Doug! I would like to hear what size/type tubing you selected for your test. In my "maple world" the builder's sign and layout stakes when up on lot I used for the Lunchbox in 2018. I will try to use some of the lines to setup Lunchbox on my lot and start making contacts to add 40 taps back on my total for 2019. :-)

    100+ Taps, 40 on 5/16 tubing

    Lunchbox Vacuum/Releaser, hodorskib's Small Scale RO

    3x7 Stainless Flat Pan

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    John, sorry I missed this, I didn't see a notification.
    Anyway, we did our test with 5/16" tubing, and it worked great. We have about 200 trees in that woods, so for this year we'll just use the Lunchbox for 100 & the rest on bags.

    We like it so much we've decided get another Lunchbox for our woods just north of Coatesville & do a hybrid 3/16 & 5/16 system there (last year it was 3/16" only, natural vacuum). Our 3/16" tubing still has another year on it, so we didn't want to go all 5/16 there at once. We had some issues with getting access to our tank at that location, so we're going to put the Lunchbox at the tank location (low) & move the tank uphill to the driveway for easy access. We found about 60 new trees there, so the Lunchbox should let us put vacuum on some of those that aren't high enough above it to the low point by gravity, as well as pumping it up to the drive.

    Any idea how far uphill the Lunchbox will pull sap? Some of the trees we found are in an area where we'd have to go up about 13' to get over a ridge. I emailed Dean at Northwoods Sugarworks a couple of weeks ago, but haven't heard anything back. I suppose we could calculate it, but that's a lot of thinking work.

    Good luck with finding new trees,
    Maple Creations, Coatesville, IN
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    "Custom" Kawasaki Mule collecting system
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