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Thread: Cdl hobby ro

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    We recently bought the CDL Hobby RO from the new CDL dealer in Perth, Ontario. There are a couple of different models to choose from: 250 GAL on 120 Volt power, 250 GAL on 240V and 325 GAL on 230V. The price difference between the 250 GAL and the 325 GAL is about $1,200. The 325 comes with a 1.0 HP supply pump, whereas the 250 has a 0.75 HP pump. We opted for the 325, which runs off of a 220 V circuit with a 20 amp breaker. We also opted out of the optional wash tank, as we already have plenty of storage for the permeate. Without the wash tank you're looking at a price tag of $6300-$7500. This has probably gone up since we bought though.

    Obviously at this point I can't offer an opinion on how well it works, we have barely finished setting it up. What I can say is that the CDL dealer in Perth was very good to deal with. they have even offered to come out and make sure we have everything set up right and show us how to use it. I would highly recommend their service.

    One downside though, we ordered the unit in June, 2017 and it didn't arrive until after Christmas. If you want something for this year you're probably out of luck, unless you find a used one.

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    I have two friends that have them and they love them. Now as mentioned they take some time to get to the higher concentrations. But think of it like your automatic washing machine. I know people that complain that the spent the whole day doing laundry. They forgot to mention that they lack any Organizational skills what so ever.

    Wake up collect sap put in big tank at shack start RO. go back to woods and walk them tweaking untill at max vacuum. Go back to shack and re run concentrate to next concentrate level clean shack and prepare to cook. Go eat lunch and post to Maple Trader. Re run RO to next concentrate level and go collect. Start evap and run clean cycle. Tidy up the shack and get to having some fun.

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    I see you have a homebuilt arch . So i would say you are a handy Fellow , if you built your own RO you will do it for about a third the cost. I did last year and have not been sorry ,bought my stuff from Frank at MES and a lot of research on here and Sugarbush forum. Its a 1x40 and can expand to a 2x40 woth out a lot of trouble. You could start on it this year after season and have a whole year... a thought ,.. GOod Luck n have a great season ..

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