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Thread: 50+ degrees, but not tapping...

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    Default 50+ degrees, but not tapping...

    In southern NH, we'll be in the 50's on Friday and above freezing for 2.5 days. Since it will be cloudy and coming out of a deep freeze, I wonder if it will run much.

    Anyone drilling to catch this run? My gut says to hang tight for now, even with these check valve spouts.
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    Looks like it's going back into the freezer afterwards. I can't imagine it would run enough to make it worth it.
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    It's just the January thaw. Unless you're a large producer it isn't time to tap yet.

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    2nd what Russ said. It’s going to be a very short January thaw and they are talking back into the freezer for quite a while. I would wait until weather looks more promising for a longer period. That way your taps will be fresher and last longer if we have a late season.
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