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Thread: New season

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    Default New season

    Anyone else getting ready for the new season?
    Hobbiest 5 gal. Or so /year.
    When is everyone thinking of tapping. I know it depends on the weather forcast but last year was crazy I tapped late 2/24 ( I usually tap around that time) but last year I missed a couple of weeks of good flow. After the 24th things dried out for awhile and started again later in March.i'm thinking of tapping around the 10th. Has anyone ever had taps the dried up from no flow?

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    I started getting ready a couple of months ago with flushing the lines. This shows where I need to fix them from the animal damage. Still have some tubing to repair. Last year I tapped on 2/12 and untapped on 3/25. The taps had definitely dried out. I tapped a new tree the week before and it was producing but with the warm weather the season was over. I will wait until Feb to start looking at the long range forecasts in order to figure out when to tap.
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    Slowly getting things ready here. Got the vacuum system all together, going out today to check and set lines. Biggest progress this year was helping 5050 get his new RO built. No sugar shack this year - that will happen after this season, but some progress there doing site work and getting wood milled (Thanks Teddy!) I hope it stays cold for a few weeks yet!

    Best to all this year!

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