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Thread: Tapping in Western PA

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    Collected 50 gallons yesterday of 0.000000000000001% sap (haha kidding). Kinda thought I would have more sap....but I'm fine with that. 2 of my 3 lines are still running good. My 3rd is being weird and barely running. I walked the line and saw slight movement in the line all the way to the first tap. Its my newest line and right next to my other 2 lines....so it shouldn't have any variables that are different than the other 2 lines.

    I have 20 gallons of concentrate and 50 gallons of sap to work on tonight/tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbedilion View Post
    Nice work! My kids winter sports wrapped up yesterday. No spring sports for them It's bike season.....well after this cold spell.
    Considering I didn't even think I'd be able to do anything after my hip surgery, this is a win in my book

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    Hi from the frozen tundra outside of Bradford PA.... no sap since late February!

    On the bright side, I've been lurking all over here all month and have re-energized my enthusiasm! I'm almost done with a bubbler for my syrup pan... in the 10 years I've had this 2x6, I've never made anything but dark syrup no matter what I tweaked. Great flavor, and don't really mind the color, but unless the sap is perfectly cold, clear & fresh I get ALOT of niter FAST in the syrup pan. So we'll see if the bubbler reduces the cleaning effort.

    Also decided, after realizing I don't have the time to boil all night anymore, we (hubby has been drafted) have also decided to build an RO for next year!

    Happy boiling!!
    Beth in Bradford, PA
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    2018 - son made me an automatic drawoff, yet to be tested
    2018 - hubby made me a 2-handed tubing tool, works great!!!!

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    Tired of the tundra! Ready for some spring weather! Might get sled dogs next year!
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