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Thread: Tapping in Western PA

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    hills west of Jeff City Missouri


    I wish we had more producers around here. We have pulled our taps and started cleaning everything after making 23 gallons from 185 trees over 3.5 weeks; the syrup is turning dark and temps over the next week do not look good for sap flow. good luck to all in western PA- we took a bike trip on the Great Allegheny Passage a few years ago and went through Meyersdale, the syrup capital of PA??? Beautiful country you have there.
    2018: 195 trees, most smaller than 20" diameter
    5/16" & 7/16" plastic spiles, drain into plastic buckets or sapsaks
    xfer to 5 gal plastic jugs
    haul jugs out using atv & trailer
    wood-fired pans on concrete blocks
    one Leader Half Pint 24 x 33" plus 24 x 30 ss pan from a junkyard
    cook batch process then finish in the kitchen;
    we dont sell our syrup; its for family & friends

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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


    I feel like I should be asking my husband to build an ark not a RO! This is nuts.

    When (or should I say if!) the rain breaks today I'll go get my buckets and pull the taps on my bad trees. Will stick everything back out on Sunday and see what happens.

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    Was good to see lots of friends and family in the sugarhouse the last few days! Gary R stopped and we had a good talk, solved all the maple issues in the world.
    We have been busy the last few days. Very warm temps on Tuesday provided large amounts of sap. Some local producers boiled all day to try to get caught up with the strong flow. We had 758 gallons of sap that day.
    On Wed there was another 450 gallons of very cloudy sap. Looked like a end of season run! Mad Very dark syrup.
    Have made about 60 gallons to date. Some sugarmakers in the are tapping now. The weather looks real good into next week. We have had a freeze last night and its raining and snowing. Sap may start to run today again.
    Hope things are good out there !
    Casbohm Maple and Honey
    640 ish roadside taps
    3x10 King, WRU & preheater, AOF [TRS] and AUF
    SIRO Filter Press.
    2015 Ford F250 PSD sap hauler
    One hives of bees
    One Golden named Maggie Cat named Lucy
    Too many Cub Cadets
    Ford Jubilee and several Allis WD's, and IH tractors


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    Pittsburgh, PA

    Default Done :)


    I finished up my last batch this morning. Hit my season goal of 10 gallons! It took a ton of barely 1% sap.

    Looking at the forecast...it doesnt look good. Sure there may be a day or two here and there but not worth it for me. If it ever stops raining Im going for a bike ride

    Beside the low sugar, it was a good season for me. Got a new pan, slightly better arch (didnt have time to build a legit one this past yr), had a better preheating setup, auto feed into my pan, boiling went smooth, filtering process was less of a headache, and made enough to sell to all my annoying friends that try to score syrup off me. It was enjoyable.

    2016 - 4 gallons
    2017 - 6 gallons
    2018 - 10 gallons

    It was fun hearing about everyones season...so keep posting.

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