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Thread: 2018 Missouri Tapping Season

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    The weather looks good, so I tapped 12 of my trees today. Will see what the sap gods want to give me.

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    hills west of Jeff City


    Hey rslun, maplecreek, kgingerich,stonehillridge, oldcabin, welcome to this site, I don't recognize your names from previous years. Why not go to your "profile" in mapletrader and create a "signature" that describes your operation and will appear with each of your posts? And please notify any other Missouri producers and hobbyists about this site. Ive sent the word out to some folks I know to visit this site regularly to see what the Missouri weather and production is like. Maybe if we get enough interest we can meet this summer to swap stories about the 2018 season or equipment.

    Rslun, I don't know of any Missouri store that sells maple sap collection stuff. Perhaps you have some tubing or pipe around the house you can use; but there are mail order firms in Michigan and Wisconsin that with a credit card order will ship to you in about 3 days.

    If you have questions, feel free to visit the many topics on mapletrader.com; you can learn a lot. John
    2014: 62 trees, 8 gallons syrup
    2015: 112 trees, 16.5 gallons syrup
    2016: 126 trees, 140 taps, 18 gals syrup
    2017: 170 trees, 175 taps
    2018: 205 trees
    5/16" & 7/16" plastic spiles, drain into plastic buckets or sapsaks
    xfer to 5 gal plastic jugs
    haul jugs out using atv & trailer
    wood-fired pans on concrete blocks
    one Leader Half Pint 24 x 33" plus 24 x 30 ss pan from a junkyard
    cook batch process then finish in the kitchen;
    we dont sell our syrup; its for family & friends

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