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Thread: Vermont Current use program and maple sugaring lease?

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    Default Vermont Current use program and maple sugaring lease?

    So have a property that is in the vermont current use program. The land owner is wanting me to start sugaring there. But I'm curious if there's any stipulations to using the property for this if he is in current use.
    Any help greatly appreciated
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    I would have the landowner check with the forester responsible for the property.
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    If he is in the current us program, he has to have a forest plan, in that plan is what you can and cannot do. If a maple operation isn't in the it would have to be added.
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    We are in current use. Our plan is in place with the help and oversight from a forester. We have the area we currently tap marked out on our use map. We are in the process of redrawing the lines to account for our expansion. We are in the process of meeting with the forester to walk the woods and review the changes. In reading the plan it is very clear it will follow proper tapping guidelines. I have a few undersized trees tapped which I plan to cull, but I am not working in that area and don't have the time to remove them properly right now (no damage to the surrounding lines). So they will stay tapped. We are doing enough cutting in the new area so no trees should have to be removed for quite some time. T

    Check the current use plan for guidance. If it needs to change reach out to the forester to initiate the process and receive guidance as to when you can start without upsetting the process.

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