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Thread: External pump for a Electric Releaser

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    Default External pump for a Electric Releaser

    Hey all,
    I am wondering what you have run for external pumps on Electric releasers. What is there to look for? Will any jet pump work? It is pumping out of a high vacuum system if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance,

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    Stainless steel gould pump. good luck!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by miohman View Post
    Will any jet pump work? It is pumping out of a high vacuum system if that makes a difference.
    The fact that it is pumping out a high vac system makes a huge difference. The higher the vacuum in the releaser, the harder the pump has to work to pump liquid out. So you'll need a decent pump, and the external connections have to be absolutely leak-free. You'll most likely want a small return line as well. Search through the archives here and you'll fine lots of good information.
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    I used an external pump last year on a 12x30 extractor, over 20" it would struggle. I have since purchased a 12x36 booster tank($200) and plan on installing a deep well submersible pump Goulds($450) inside, basically because it does not fit well in 30" extractor. I will plumb both units together to increase capacity and limit pump cycling with about 20 gallons per "dump". Pump curves are readily available for most deep well applications and easy to understand with a little research. A throttling valve and pressure gauge may be required to keep the pump operating on the curve depending how far or high you need to pump. In my case I am not pumping far. I think the Goulds stainless centrifugal external pump will run well over $1000 and may not be as reliable. Some people are placing deep well pumps in 4" PVC pipe.

    1PSI=2.31 feet of head this is a handy conversion for most pump curves.
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    I use a deep well pumpin a 6" pipe chamber..lworks extremely wellbup to 28"..
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