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Thread: Rent trees ?

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    Default Rent trees ?

    Finally purched a new home but had to leave my maples at old house ,I'm going to miss them . Anyone know how to rent or look for trees to be tapped near where I live ? Really going to miss making sryup ,I'm in Rhode island area . thanks

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    Do what I and probably a lot of producers on here did, and still do- drive around and when see some nice specimens, ask the owner. Or mention it to folks in your travels that your looking for tree's to tap. Good luck this season.
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    I rent 99% of my sugarbush from locals. Find the trees. Find the owners and pay for the lease! We pay a gallon of syrup per 100 taps unless they want cash, most dont. Works for us and the owners.
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    I rent about 75% of my trees. Just find a stand and ask the landowner. Don't give up, many will say no but a few will say yes.
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