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Thread: Reccomended siding for sugar house?

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    Default Reccomended siding for sugar house?

    Hi all,

    We are currently reconstructing a shed into a sugar house. Being short on cash this year I'm waiting to put real siding on the exterior walls until this spring. We are thinking about either T1-11 with a heavy coat of stain to block the moisture or "Zipwall". Has anyone ever heard of heard of Zipwall? Any insight would be appreciated!

    (This year we do have cement floor and metal roof)


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    Default Reccomended siding for sugar house?

    Just a suggestion, used motor oil makes a great preservative, looks great, and is cheap! Zip system is good, but it’s not meant to be exposed.
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    Maybe you want to let the excess moisture escape. The sugarhouse can get really wet, and needs to dry out before the next day to avoid mold. Walls that are too impermeable force all the moisture to exit the building via the windows, doors, and other openings, and those mechanical parts will function poorly if they become waterlogged. My building has pine planking, felt paper (or building wrap), a furring strip layer, and pine plank siding...the moisture goes right out.

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