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Thread: Hobby Water Jacket Bottle Filler

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    The pink ridgid scares me a bit. Will the outer jacket not get hot? I had a warming box at work we made to keep guys lunches warm in the winter. It was a plywood box and had 2" ridgid on the inside. We had 2 100 watt light bulbs in there and a little computer fan.
    It worked great for a bit. But when it was left for a couple hours and not opened it started to melt the insulation. Doesn't get over 200F in there. So I'm a bit worried about your insulation. And it stinks when it melts too.
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    Hey Bricklayer I wasn't sure how much heat that would take????? Maybe I'll replace it with some aluminum faced fiberglass hard board insulation. I'm sure that would take the heat. We used to use that hard fiberglass insulation for steam piping and it held up well. Thanks for the tip.
    Hey Maple Flats yes it is grounded I guess its really just a mini water heater so same as a house water heater it can have issues with galvanic reaction. Stainless is always better but $$$$ Jay
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    The ground I speak of would be best if it is a 8 or 10 ga. copper stranded wire clamped snug to the surface of the outer jacket and run direct to a ground clamp to be most effective. The usual ground connection is not enough to keep electrolysis in check. It satisfies the safety aspect but not the electroplating that tries to start in the water between the inner and outer shells, for that you want the extra ground with the galvanized outer and a SS inner.
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