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Thread: hoods for 2x6

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    Default hoods for 2x6

    Im in the process of building hoods for my 2x6. How high should the preheater and drip pan be in the hood. I would like to run the inlet side of my drip pan just above the 1 in channel of the hood and the outlet side 1 inch higher so the condensate from drip pan will just drain into the channel. Is this too low ? Also this hood is going to be riveted and not welded is pure silicone safe to use on the hood or is there some other food safe sealant. Last question for now is does this need a 6 inch or 8 inch steam stack? Last year i was boiling 30 to 35 gallons an hour if that helps determine stack size.

    Thanks Jeff
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    Anything around food should be food safe. They do make food safe silicone, buy it online a lot cheaper. Keep your joints small and you will use a lot less. I have a 2x7 boiler and I put two 8" stacks that feed into one just past the hood.

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