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Thread: Sap Truck Registration

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcasper View Post
    For those interested...I contacted the DOT in Madison and the response that I received was quite concerning to say the least. It came as no surprise to me based on what has been mentioned in this thread. The answer to the tank trunk being being classified as an AG Commercial Motor Vehicle was a "NO".

    The gentleman went on to say in the e-mail that "Additionally, raw maple sap and maple syrup are commodities that do not fall within the scope of agriculture, horticulture, or arboriculture. Consequently, maple sap and syrup are not IoH commodities." Internal Revenue Code - Title 26 Section 464 (e). The preceding was given as the cited reference

    Yet when you go here:


    See question #18, The Dept. of Revenue clearly states that maple sap gathering IS an agricultural activity. In addition, the NASS collects data yearly with maple being one of them. Since the DOT does not consider this an agricultural activity, are we therefore not allowed to pull a tank with a tractor either? Will they require licenses/permits on ANY sap collecting apparatus?
    Will going to the sugarbush with the 4 wheeler now be considered an recreational activity, rather than a farm activity? Will the farm exempt status of the 4 wheeler now be punishable due to its use in a non - agricultural endeavor? These are items we all need to be asking, a very slippery slope indeed. There is alot of work that needs to be done with getting these government agencies on the same page.
    Sounds like something your state association needs to get addressed.
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    Syrup production does not fall under agriculture in Wisconsin? Yeah, somebody needs to notify someone of that gem. Wiam's suggestion would be a good start.
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    Manure is a totally different product due to the semi solids and particle size.

    That will be a nice running gear and plenty able to stand the weight.

    As for those that like to rain on everyone's parade...well some people need to put in their two cents. Unfortunately they often don't realize that from the exchange of what another has experienced others will glean useful ideas that save time, energy, and resources.

    So please keep sharing the ideas and just skip over those that fail to see the usefulness of sharing and discussing projects.

    I would use other words but I don't want to have the edit police sending me an email. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by BreezyHill View Post
    Manure is a totally different product due to the semi solids and particle size
    BreezyHill, I’m thinking that there are other things that separate manure from maple sap too. Just saying (and trying to make light of what unfortunately has become a tense forum)

    Sharing ideas does help everyone, this place is great for that.

    I’m not sure how far this will help but I believe that most states agriculture departments receive there funding from the USDA and therefore are required to use USDA definitions. If one state department classifies maple syrup as agriculture, would other departments be required to do the same? Maple Syrup is covered and defined by the USDA. Maybe pointing this out would help. Not sure. Or maybe this could be an argument for your states Maple Syrup association to make if they take up the challenge of helping.
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    I am planning on sending another e-mail to this dude at the DOT, asking if a tractor pulling a sap collection vessel is or isn't an IoH Implement of Husbandry. I don't know about other states, but there was a big deal last year about updating the law in Wisconsin due to the changes in farm equipment size, lighting, weights and such. If the response indicates that it isn't an IoH, because maple is not considered agriculture, then we in this state have some big issues that will need to be addressed with our state politicians. I believe the state assoc. is working on getting permitted uses for sap hauling on roads in the spring to be identical to milk trucks in terms of weights. Issues like this could be incorporated I would think.

    There are so many things I'd like to tell this DOT guy, but he is just a worker and doesn't make the law. I find it ironic that I file a state and federal "farm" tax return due to syruping, only to have the DOT tell me that maple sap and syrup is not considered farm or agriculture.

    I will certainly be taking this issue higher up the ladder.

    Where we made syrup long before the trendies made it popular, now its just another commodity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcasper View Post
    I find it ironic that I file a state and federal "farm" tax return due to syruping, only to have the DOT tell me that maple sap and syrup is not considered farm or agriculture.

    I will certainly be taking this issue higher up the ladder.
    Sometimes it is best to not ask questions. Try calling the IRS and ask them if maple syrup is farming. You will get the answer that is is manufacturing. Ask if the fuel burnt in the evaporator is farm fuel and they will give you specific law that it is not. That was about 10 years ago so things may have changed. You can drive yourself crazy asking questions or just go with the flow and do whatever everyone else is doing.

    The SIC was updated and called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Sap reduction was added to all other farming. I asked the IRS if they use the NAICS as a guide and they said yes. I then brought up the maple syrup issue. They replied the NAICs was only a guide and it held no legal weight, maple syrup was manufacturing. Only sap collection was farming, so at least you could say the sap truck is farming.

    I have found that most government people have no idea how maple syrup is made. One person thought you boiled wood pieces in water.
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