Hi everyone! We are out in the woods getting ready for another exciting season! We have hopefully another 4- 500 trees to set up on tubing lines, as well as fixing a lot of old lines. I'm going to run a side by side test this year - new lines are going up on 3/4" mainline with sap ladders next to the old 1" one-degree slope lines that are having problems. If the new ones run better, we'll switch over to that design.

We've also finally upgraded to a larger RO, which I've been hinting at now for the last year. The new one is almost here so I'm looking for a buyer for our other one. I know a few of you have expressed interest over the last year so I'm posting it here first. Here are the details:

2015 Leader Mini-Extreme (dual 4" x 40" posts, sap prefilter screen, 10" sap filter canister), used for three seasons. The first season it was used only twice, lightly on a few hundred gallons. The past two seasons it has had normal use. This machine proved to be exceptionally fast for us, like screaming fast (enough that the CDL reps were asking a LOT of questions). Great for probably up to 2000 taps (1500 comfortably) with average sap volume. Self contained, stainless frame on wheels. Has already been wired with a heavy duty 20' long cord with 220V plug (single phase, requires 22A). It is also been set up with banjo quick connect fittings for sap in, concentrate out, and permeate out. And as a special bonus (try not to pass out) - there is a 43 page MANUAL for it!

Kept indoors always in a super clean heated sugarhouse. All hoses and parts have been cleaned spotless and it has BRAND NEW MEMBRANES from Leader, not even out of the vacuum seal packaging yet, so it essentially just like having a brand new RO. I will throw in a box of around 22 new 10" filters and some Leader RO soap made for it. I will also deliver it to your place anywhere in Ohio as long as you can get it off my flatbed by yourself. I originally paid over $11K for it (retail price now is around $9K from Bascom without shipping, wiring, fittings, or supplies). I am asking $7K for it.

Private message me if interested. Thanks!