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Thread: October Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcasper View Post
    Don't forget to plan on $1.50/lb., or less syrup just around the corner.
    Not really concerned with bulk price mine is all retailed or made into value added products at our sugarhouse. We actually bought barrels just to keep up with demand. Will keep it in the back of my mind though...
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    Getting ready to leave the house and head up to the mountain. 13 trees across lines that need to be cut up. More than usual but I'll take it over the moose damage we had last year. We'll be ready to start working the lines next weekend.

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    The basswood are all down, no major events dropping the bad leaner, but it did land about 15' from my old over full shed. But no harm. I limbed the mills stems and bucked them into 18' logs so my excavator/thumb could carry and stack them. I have 2 calls out to large sawmills to see what they pay far basswood it. I have about 800BF international scale, if they don't want it or the price is too low it will be evaporator fuel. If that's the case, I might saw and try to sell some to those who whittle.
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