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Thread: I would like to publicly acknowledge ....

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    Default I would like to publicly acknowledge ....

    Jim Schumacher and the whole Smokey Lake family, Sandy of Countryside Hardware and Leader Evaporator Company....

    I produced syrup from about 2000-2012. First generation producer. Due to life changes, I did not produce from 2013 to present but was/am so excited to produce again. I have a property in Oswego County, NY up on the Tug Hill that I was planning to tap for the first time this Spring. I was starting over and so very excited. I made two very large orders this Spring ... one from Smokey Lake and one from Sandy at Countryside through Leader. Basically, everything you need to begin producing from a couple thousand taps. As fate would have it, a couple days before I was to break ground on the new sugar shack I received some terrible news about my health that I was totally not expecting. I stopped the ground breaking on the sugar shack and immediately called Jim and Sandy from Countryside (my leader dealer) to discuss what we should do.

    All three companies simply have been phenomenal in the way they have treated me. They were making large pieces of equipment specifically to my order. They have both agreed to simply put my orders on hold, with the hopes that one day I will be well enough to continue with my purchases and to again produce syrup. Beyond that, Jim continues check up with me every now and again just to see how I am doing. This is simply unparalleled customer service, and even more that, just sincere moral values that we just don't often see in this day and age. Just nothing like the syrup family! My sincere thank you and appreciation to Jim/Smokey Lake, Sandy/Countryside and Leader Evaporator, it has and continues to be my honor to do business with you!

    Here is a pic of part of my order awaiting me at Smokey Lake!
    Smokey Lake.jpg
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    It is nice to have such great people like them to be so understanding and helpful. Wishing you the best with your health crisis.
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    I hope your health improves soon so you can play with the nice toys you ordered and you use them until they are wore out.

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    May God be with you.
    Both Jim and Sandy are great people to deal with as have been all other dealers and manufacturers I have dealt with in the maple business.
    May your health get fully restored and may you live a long healthy life, full of maple fun.
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    Danno- I know your purpose was to highlight Smokey Lake and Countryside but please know you are are in our thoughts and prayers.

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