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Thread: Painting sap storage tank

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    Default Painting sap storage tank

    I have a sap storage tank that is in need of repainting the inside. What is the best product to this, food safe of course?

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    This won't be a popular reply I'm sure but I think ithe would be a better investment in time and capital to replace the Tank with either Food Grade plastic or Stainless, painting the inside of a tank with food grade paint is like throwing money away.

    I know cash can be hard to come by when your just getting started or even the way bulk syrup pays but I personally believe that these Industrial coatings are hard to apply correctly and for what they cost you might be able to get a better tank for the future.
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    There are different categories of "food grade" coatings. Nearly all "food-grade" paints are made for "incidental contact", which is if the liquid might hit a wall surface and splash back into the container. They are typically NOT for prolonged food contact. Those industrial coatings made for prolonged contact are generally epoxies, which almost always have to be professionally applied (and usually in the factory) since they are usually heat-treated to bake them on.

    Often older painted tanks are painted because they have lead-solder in them. If you plan to sell any syrup in bulk, you'll find that most packers won't purchase from producers who have any lead-soldered equipment.....at least not for much longer.

    I agree with Nate.....probably far easier and far better to get a new or used tank.
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