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Thread: CDL stubby with check valve adapters

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    Default CDL stubby with check valve adapters

    Has anybody had any experience using CDL stubby with leader check valve adapters? If so, was there any issues with vacuum leakage or adapter installation?
    shrunken producer, from 8,000 taps to 4,000 to 5800 to 9500 vac
    5x16 woodchip fired evaporator with 5x10 max flue and 5x6 revolution front pan
    CDL 3600 RO
    Atlantic Fluidics A-20 vac pump with a Bernard mechanical Double Releaser
    sp-11, bb2, airtech L63 vac pumps
    CDL low profile electric releaser
    MRS 8000 electric releaser
    Airtech 7.5 hp vane pump

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    I understand the CDL stubbies do not work with the Leader CV adapters - at least they didn't a few years ago. We use either Leader or Lapierre stubbies with our CV's.
    4,600 Taps on vacuum - More to come when Time & Energy Permit
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    600 GPH CDL RO - NEW for 2015 a 2nd 600 GPH tower!!!
    3.5'x14' Lapierre Force 5

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