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Thread: 2017 Year in review

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    Default 2017 Year in review

    I didn't know if anyone else wants to share information about their syruping year, but thought I would post how mine turned out. I tap in NE Minnesota. This year has been my absolute worst year. Here are some numbers.

    Total taps: 225
    Total Sap: 492 gallons
    Total Syrup: 9.14 gallons

    I have 50 taps on 3/16 nat vac which gave me 285 gallons or 58% of my sap. The remaining 175 taps gave me 207 gallons. That comes out to 5.7 gal/tap with nat vac tubing and 1.18 gal/tap on bags. Natural vac out-performed the bags 4.83:1 which saved my year. I collected 3 times and boiled 2 times. Needless to say, on the upside, I have a lot of wood and glass bottles left.

    Anyone else care to share? I know some have had banner years depending your location and the weather in your part of the state.

    2014: 12 taps, 5 gal buckets
    2015: 15 taps on bags
    2016: 150 taps: 100 on bags, 50 on 3/16" natural vac, 2x8 AUF/AOF Homebuilt Arch, 2x8 SL Drop Flu & Auto Draw, SL Propane Canner/Bottler
    2017: 225 taps: Built Lean to, Added SL hood, preheater, concentric exhaust, SL SS 7" SB Filter Press

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    I am located in East Central MN just S of Duluth. This was my 1st year and I only had 36 taps out mostly reds
    . I collected about 220 gal of sap and ended up with 5 1/2 gal of syrup.

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    I live and tap in oak grove mn (central mn) I had 18 taps on buckets. I had a pretty good year don't know the exact amount of sap I collected but ended up with 5.25 gallons. This is my 3rd year sugaring and I'm addicted. I just got permission to tap the next door neighbors 10 acres so next year I'll have about 40ish taps. Time to fabricate a bigger evaporator pan.

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    We tap right around 24,000 in the highlands above Lutsen. We produced about 6500 gallons of syrup, all on tubing. Not a great year by any means but could have been worse had we not been prepared for the mid February run. Lousy sugar content and a warm early April made it tough. We began pulling taps a day ago and the sap is running as hard as any time this spring, absolutely gushing out.

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    Best year of the 6 that I've been tapping, here in Southern NH. 68G produced on 120 taps. I'm on a mix of 3/16 and 5/16 (no buckets).

    I use check valves and a diaphragm pump for vacuum. I keep a bottling log (attached), but do not track sap volume.

    Final week was a flood. I ran out of wood, which won't happen next year (I promise myself, again)!

    Jamie Jones
    2017 - 120 taps, 68G syrup - automated pumping from collection to head tank
    2016 - 118 taps (about half on 3/16"), 60G syrup
    2015 - 115 taps, 58G syrup - new wireless blower switch and remote pump switch from tank to shack
    2014 - 120 taps, 53G syrup - hobby vac
    2013 - 120 taps, 40G syrup - Sunrise Metal 2x6, 12x14 sugarhouse
    2012 - 44 taps, 6G syrup -gravity tube, 4 steam pans on block arch, plastic greenhouse shack - (I'm hooked!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CampHamp View Post
    Best year of the 6 that I've been tapping, here in Southern NH. 68G produced on 120 taps.

    Attachment 16423
    That's really good. Love the spreadsheet tracking.
    Mason 2x4 XL with AUF/AOF and float box
    Home-built auto draw off
    Home-built RO - single XLE 4040, PLC controlled
    20x20 garage converted to sugarhouse
    2015: 80 taps, 21 gallons made
    2016: 143 buckets, 32 gallons made
    2017: 90 on tubing and maybe another 60 on buckets

    Ask me how I'm paying my home off in less than 7 years and how you can too without changing your current budget. PM me to find out.

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    Installed test taps 01.30.17, installed remaining taps 2.10.17. Removed taps 03.22.17. Had three distinct runs, one in mid February, one in late February/early March and one in mid/late March, each separated by around a week of single digit/teens for lows and teens/twenties for highs. Tapped 25 trees, 52 taps. Collected 710 gallons of sap and got 25 gallons of syrup for a 28:1 ratio.

    Season First Run Yield: 5.5 gallons syrup
    Season Second Run Yield: 13 gallons syrup
    Season Third Run Yield: 6.5 gallons syrup

    I am not set up for these kinds of processing numbers, not interested in doing this much again as it stopped being a fun hobby at a certain point and turned into a lot of work and drudgery. I am glad I kept going, though, because my best batch of syrup came at the beginning of the third and final run which I was suspecting might happen. I also don't want to just quit and let the sap go to waste, I feel if I tap the trees then I am obligated to collect and process from those taps as long as they provide good sap for processing.

    Not interested in upgrading or expanding the operation, hopefully things will settle down next year so I can get back to my typical season goal of 10-12 gallons of syrup as that amount is more than I need the way it is. It was a highly unusual season regarding the sap yield so I can't see reducing the number of taps but I will probably stop adding more.

    Hope everyone had a safe season, will see you next year if all goes well.
    Been that, done there.

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