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Thread: Insulated milk tanks

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    Default Insulated milk tanks

    I was wondering what the going price per gallon of an insulated milk tank is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet willy View Post
    I was wondering what the going price per gallon of an insulated milk tank is?
    I assume you mean for used tanks. Around here they were $1/gallon five years ago. Seem closer to $1.50/now. Those are for non-cooling tanks, of course.
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    I bought 2 this year. A 240 gallons for $500 and 500 gallon for $750. $1.50-$2 range per gallon. Seems like going rate in our area.
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    Can still find them occasionally around here for around $1 a gallon. Lots of bigger producers are going to new larger open top tanks from maple mfrs and freeing up smaller bulk/milk tanks
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    Keep an eye out for them in the off season,picked up a 400 gallon tank in July for 450 bucks,had to drive two hours one way to get it,but price was right
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    I bought two bulk tanks in the last year during the off season. The 250 gallon cost me $200 and the 375 gallon cost $300 i.e. $.80/gallon. Got lucky I guess. Non-working of course. Also, I got some great advice from the community on the trader. I was going to get one large tank and was advised to go to two smaller tanks for my size operation so that if I ever increased in size, I would have one tank for RO concentrate and could clean one tank while the other is being used. This year, my year was so poor I only used the 375 gallon tank, but glad to have the 250. I know it will get used.

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    I bought a 300 gallon for $300 three years ago, and a couple months ago I picked up a 400 gallon for $500. You should be able to stay under $1.50 a gallon in most cases.
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    On Craigslist there is a 600 gallon dari cool listed for $650.00 with washer and compresser.Listed under bulk tank EauClaire area.

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    I had a working tank about 375 gal with lids given to me, I then gave him 4 half gal of syrup, I'll get the compressor this summer and then verify if it still works. I hope so, but if not I still got a bargain at 4 half gal for a 375 with valve and lids, agitator too.
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    A family member has an 800 gallon and a 300 gallon he wants to get rid of. Post or PM me and I'll get you or him info for contact

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