I am posting this at the request of The Vermont Agency of Agriculture. / Dr. Tim

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is aware of an issue with defective CDL spout reducers, which was causing off-flavor in some cases. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture has worked with CDL to identify the source of the problem, and believes it has been isolated to a batch of products shipped to four producers in Vermont, and one in Michigan (The Vermont Agency of Agriculture does not have jurisdiction in Michigan). The impacted producers the Agency is aware of have been notified, and CDL is working with them on a remediation plan.

If you are concerned that you might be impacted, follow these steps:
1) Check your product number. The part in question is the CDL “black clean spout reducer” (photo below). The product number for this item is 66090056. If you are not using this product, we do not believe you have any reason to be concerned at this time.
2) If you are using CDL’s “black clean spout reducer,” product 66060056, call your distributor. CDL has been in contact with its network of distributors. Your distributor should be able to tell you if your order came from the compromised batch of spout reducers.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture understands this is a concerning time for maple producers! When things like this go wrong, your brand and your reputation are on the line. Armed with this information, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture hopes you will be either able to rule out concerns, or work with your distributor to determine if you have been impacted. CDL is currently working with the impacted producers to remedy the situation. If you have questions for the Agency, contact: Henry Marckres – 802-828-3458

Henry Marckres
Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
FSCP – CP Chief
116 State Street
Montpelier Vermont 05620

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