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Thread: Uses for Niter - deworming?

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    Default Uses for Niter - deworming?

    We have been collecting the niter that settles as we filter out syrup and are wondering if there are any good uses for it.
    I have read that metal sap buckets might mean the niter collects a lot of lead and would not be good to use in any homeopathic laxative recipes, as that is something I was hoping to make.

    I would also like to use the niter as a possible dewormer for our new pigs. Does anyone have advice on how to use niter as a dewormer? Our neighbor who also boils uses diatomaceous earth to filter his syrup and that is also commonly used as a dewormer, so we were thinking of using the whole mixture of diatomaceous earth and niter as a possible deworming formula. Would lead in the niter be a bad idea to give pigs? Does anyone have any advice on using niter as a dewormer?

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    Didn't you get any replies? I'm interested too.

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    I had one brewer wanting to get his hands on some.
    Was wanting to make a mead.

    I couldn’t get enough out of the filters to give him a hand.

    Another thought that’s been percolating…
    Read somewhere that the best rum this author ever had was made from syrup.
    Had me scratchin’ my chin stubble.
    May be a use for niter there.
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    Lol, tweegs reading that makes me ponder too.... might just start collecting it for future endeavours

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    Diatomaceous earth isn't really a wormer. It may help a small amount as a preventative but certainly won't get rid of worms. Honestly, the people that use it regularly for animals are just lucky enough to not have a worm problem, in my opinion. I raise pigs as well, and ivermectin is what you want to use for a wormer.
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    Chickens like it gives them plenty of calcium they actually really love the filter Aid as well-they come up every day when we're boiling to eat some!!
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