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Thread: The Poorer Man's Diaphragm Pump Vacuum System

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    Our trees are spread out somewhat too. I used 5/16 tubing for supply line with no more than 4 pumps on a single line from the compressor nearly 1000 ft for the furthest pump, regulated to 60psi. We have 9 of these pumps running and depending on the sap flow, it sounds like an old slow running Surge milking machine.
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    Just to make sure that I wasn't missing out on an opportunity, I looked at pneumatic tubing out to the furthest areas from my power source at the new place. It would be 1800' straight shot to the furthest clump of maples, and then I'm assuming that I would still have to go out there to collect the sap and cross over or under the air line to make a collection loop. There would also be that much more hiking the lines to fix leaks. I'm only talking about 75 trees or so and I would have about 2200' if I looped out to the furthest trees from the nearest. I just don't think air power would work for me. I maybe could get away with 5 pumps and maybe 8 deep cycle batteries.

    I'm going to miss having natural vacuum, but we need to move there.
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    Default Vac pump

    I know this is a bit old but hoping someone can help me here. I am looking to add some economical vacuum to my level ground tubing run 5/16” at 25-40 taps. I found a pump similar to the original one listed here. It comes in different flows and pressures. What should I get? Does the flow me more vacuum? There is one at 116psi @ 1.35 gpm. One at 80 psi at 1 gpm and a few others.

    Thanks in advance. Bryan

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    Bite the bullet and get this one. It has 4 chambers, they pull a lot better then the 3 chamber pumps, let alone the 2 chamber one the OP listed. I had 65 taps, 5 laterals on mine last year and it pulled 25" once I got all the leaks fixed. One of the laterals was down hill from the pump- 17 taps on it, half sugars half reds, it flowed just as good as the other 4 that were running down hill. The last 100-150' of 4 that were the downhill were pretty flat which is not optimum for gravity or vac, but I managed over 2 gallon per tap on a couple of good runs. The longest Lateral was over 800' the shortest couple were 150 or so. It ran all day on a 27 series deep cycle. I had a 15 Watt solar panel on it. This year I'm goin to run 3 of em, and two of em are goin to be on battery with 100W solar panels. I don't have thermostats yet, maybe next year.
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    I second the "bite the bullet" comment.

    If using 5/16" or larger "mainline" on flat ground, be advised that these pumps do not work well if there is ANY dip, sag, flat spots, or air pockets in the lines. There must be a positive downward pitch to the pump in the line to maintain consistent vacuum. I have had good luck with the 3/16 tubing in flat areas if the sags cannot be avoided.

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