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Thread: Happy sappers!

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    Default Happy sappers!

    We just wanted to thank everyone who helped us have a great sugaring season so far. We used this bulletin board to help make our decision on what evaporator to buy, we ended up with a used waterloo small 2x6 raised flue and are so happy with it. It is a sugaring machine compared to the barrel stove and pan we used before. We had many questions and problems to solve and the bulletin board responders were invaluable, everytime we were in a predicament someone answered our questions, I don't know how we would have done it without this help. It was so windy yesterday it was incredible but we had our best run yet, this adventure is surely magical so its boil tonight. Yippee!
    200+- taps buckets & tubing
    waterloo/small 2x6
    raised flue
    Ferguson TO30
    24x24 saphouse
    5" filter press by D.L.Sheets Maple
    1996 SkiDoo Skandic

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    HanginAround Guest


    Wasn't us... you must be thinking of some other maple BBS

    Just kidding, glad things went well for you

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    glad it helped you out. Everbody can learn from this site

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