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Thread: 2017 season

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    Heavy run today, several bags running over. Sap tested at 2%. Making darker syrup then we have been. Going to be a late night in the Sugarhouse.

    Good luck to all, the fat lady might be warming up but she's not screaching yet.
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    Believe it or not another 73 gallons today. Boiling it now. If I hadn't stopped because of work hours this year would have come close to doubling my highest year. Looks like three more potential sap flow days ahead though.....
    Anyone else still collecting and boiling?
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    Default Still Holding On

    No buds on my trees and this looks like it will be the best week of the season - and the last. Have about 3-1/2 gallons per tap since Sunday and should have more in the next couple of days. Glad I resisted the urge to tap early this year.

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