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Thread: Growing apple trees, grafting scions

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    Looked at the few trees I have this AM...deer nibbles some time during the last week, they seem to like Honeycrisp more than Winesap. I thought I just sprayed Plantskydd not to long ago...looked it up...12/15/18,how time flies.Yesterday morning would have been a good time to spray but ran errands then helped out a freind, boiled off 115 gallons of very good tasting AR. Hopefully get some sprayed on this week. Deer and turkeys are everywhere grazing together with the toms all puffed out strutting their stuff!

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    I have to fertilze and prune some of my trees. I have a conundrum regarding pruning, I need to prune but even inside of 4ft fence cages I need the trees to grow out of the reach of deer and pruning,the central leader, when young prevents, the deer nip anything they can even with the fencing around them.I have 85 more apple trees and 250 conifers and oak seedlings coming soon. I will have around 250 fruit trees planted behind house, I have room for more but will probably get around 50-75 next year and slow way down, the boss is kind of putting her foot down, at least for now.
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    barnbc, my wife just attended a grafting class last week given by Sam Van Aiken, a professor at Syracuse University (look up "the tree of 40 fruits") At Colgate University. He is a master at grafting. My wife has successfully grafted lots of apples but she says she learned a lot from Sam. Colgate will be repeating this again next year, about this time of year, it might be worth going, even taking a vacation day. The class was attended by people from all over the state and beyond. Many brought scions to trade too.
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    Was able to get my 5 apple trees pruned (as I call it) during syrup season this year. Missed last year and there were a lot of heavy vertical suckers that needed to be removed. I really dont know much about trimming them, but they got a hair cut. Now if we avoid a killing frost maybe we will have some McIntosh, Red and Golden Delicious for apple sauce this fall.
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    I'm excited to start seeing these trees grow some more and finally produce fruit. I dont think I'm going to be doing much more grafting, maybe just some refracting. A few years ago I would have probably been able to take a vacation for a grafting class but I'm just too busy with our kids and house these days. I'm planning on adding another peach tree this year and I'm going to try growing some from peach pits.
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