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Thread: Happy New Year!!!

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    Default Happy New Year!!!

    With 2016 behind us this morning I briefly reflected my earliest memories of sugaring... I remember as a young child we cooked under a lean-to 20 acres back in woods on a English tin flat pan with mud walls built around the pan an open front for firing and roasting marshmallows and hotdogs while smelling the sweet smell of tap boiling in the pan. Over the years we improved on our set up and grandpa built a small sugar house. He is/was a gifted ,metal worker and built an arch from an old boiler paired with a stainless flat pan which we still use to this day.

    This will be our last season cooking back in the woods but the old sugarhouse and warm memories of my childhood still remain. Many changes are to come for 2017 and it feels a bit like the changing of the guard however the tradition lives on!!!

    Please feel free to add your favorite memories of sugaring with family and friends to this thread. I enjoyed reading everyone's posts last year, lets make 2017 our best year ever!!!
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    Anthony & Rebecca Renken
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    My very post I figured should be on Family as that's the most important thing. This is my Grandson Kholten helping me out.

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    Welcome Trapper2. Your little helper is adorable.
    ~ Karen ~

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    2016 - 25 taps, 1223.5 L sap 28.25 L syrup
    2017 - 21 taps, 518.5 L sap 12.7 L syrup
    2018 - 28 taps, 2 turkey fryers & Denali 3 burner propane stove - 798L sap 16.9 L syrup

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