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Thread: NHMPA New Website

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    Default NHMPA New Website

    Hello All,

    If you have not seen the new website please check it out. Also if you are a current member please Claim your listing on the new interactive map. Check it out and please send us your feed back!! If you know any friends that are thinking about joining they can sign up and have their sugarhouse shown on the map until January 1st. Visit www.nhmapleproducers.com

    If you have question feel free to contact either Chris Olsen or Myself.

    Nick Kosko
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    Looks good guys! I sent a PM. Thanks in advance! Doug
    Two years boiling on a Leader half pint
    2011 100 buckets,12 gallons made
    2013 120 on tubeing 20 buckets 27 gallons made
    2014 Leader King 2 x 6 Working on 400 + on tubeing
    goal: 70 gallons

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