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Thread: Auto draw

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    Default Auto draw

    Thinking about getting a auto draw, a marcland max or a smoky lake crescendo... The marcland is 200$ more. Any suggestions?

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    After a few years of indecision, I finally bought a Belimo MODULATING auto draw off from D&G for about $1,100. What a great valve!!! After 2 or 3 draws (as long as the barometric pressure doesn't change) and the draw temperature and density is set, every draw afterwards comes out perfect density, some nights for 2 or 3 hours straight. Because the valve is modulating, it opens slowly and closes slowly. It is a very simple valve to operate. You do not have to set any differentials. The only set point is the actual finish temperature. I do check every 5-6 gallon batches of syrup for density.

    I had considered building my own draw off from parts, but I am more than happy that I bought the Belimo valve. The only problem I have had was with my brother-in-law, my chief boiler. He was upset because he had been replaced by a machine.

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    Mine is the Lapierre version it is very similar to what JoeJ has and I love it. Once it is set the first night it is pretty close for the season only changing based on the pressure from one day to the next. I check my syrup with a Murphy cup way more than I have to just because I need something to do so I look like I am still running the evaporator in reality the auto draw is.

    A lot of guys have built them with great success for me I'd rather spend the time in the woods.

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    I think you will really like what ever version you get! Yes it really is like having a second person in the sugarhouse helping!
    I have had a Marcland unit for several years and like it a lot!
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    I have a Smoky Lake. If you have a non-modulating valve (wish I had one) consider putting a valve upstream to help control the flow better. and a bypass valve
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    I could never figure out the auto draw age. I prefer a continuous flow pencil sized stream. If I close the valve it means I wasn't paying attention and I am wasting time.
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