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Thread: Purchasing land info

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    Default Purchasing land info

    I am looking at purchasing some property in st. Lawrence county ny there was a farm on property at one time still being used to raise beefers. There is a barn a few out building and a house on property that is move in ready. The property is 160 acres mostly wooded. I walked the property with a good friends who has been doing sugaring for a while and estimated around 2000 to 3000 taps on the property I also walked it with another friend who estimates the same taps on property. Is there any special financing other then conventional loans out there like grants or farm loans you can go through to purchase the property I'm looking at in New York State. Before I go the convention
    looking at 160 acre property with 3000 tap potential and more
    I should be purchasing this property in the next month or so can't wait !!

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    Chech with Farm Credit East. They have an office right on 11b by the Tim Hortons in Potsdam

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    2012-2015 --- 10-15 taps = little over 1gal syrup made
    2016 first year larger production
    --------homemade evap (fueloil tank w/ 5 steam table pans)
    --------41 taps
    -------evap worked good, shelter did not = 3/4 gal syrup

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