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Thread: Is this normal ?

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    Default Is this normal ?

    This is my first year boiling with my Smoky Lake Hybrid with Pro package. Everything is going great after finally getting the pan sweetened. BUT this is what I am dealing with. ALOT of splash out from the right side of the pan coating the pan and arch. Next year I am going to fabricate a stainless splash guard. I am running the pan approximately 1 inch deep.20160223_144037.jpg
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    That is right where the flames are hitting the flues if I'm guessing right. Lots of heat there is causing tons of hard boiling.
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    Seems like a problem many folks here would love to have. Dial down the heat.....

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    I have the same thing happening on my hybrid pan. I started building up my fire right at the door to increase my boil in the front pans. Also took some sheet metal and built up a little 12 inch long 5 inch high splash guard. Seems to be helping.
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    We had the same problem on ours so we built a splash guard.
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    I know this is an old thread but I have the same problem with my hybrid pan, anyone have pics of the splash guard they made?

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    Build a splash guard and keep burning the rig the way you are.
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