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Thread: March in February 2016, and my 1000 gallons

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    Default March in February 2016, and my 1000 gallons

    I have a PWS (Personal Weather Station) at my mountainside home here in the Green Mountains. It is a registered, trusted decent quality station monitored by various entities including the NWS. MADIS station ID EW4815. It allows me to check history by day, week, month and year, including highs, lows, and average, including temps, and rainfall.
    What I am getting at, is that last year I was buried in over 3 feet of snow, and the February average temperature was 11 degrees! This year is over 10 degrees warmer, and I have little snow, and ice in comparison. The rest of the month is shaping up warm, and I will get another sap run this week, with Thursday reaching mid 40's...
    This is the numbers off my Weather Underground station site...http://www.wunderground.com/personal...READS2#history

    January 21, 2015 - February 20, 2015
    High Low Average
    Temperature 34.5 F -15 F 12.3 F

    January 21, 2016 - February 20, 2016
    High Low Average
    Temperature 51.6 F -21.6 F 23.1 F

    So... Does this mean April will be in March this year?
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    Ask me in May. I can then let you know with 100% certainty.
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