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Thread: Tapping

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    Been a fairly good week here up North. Big runs Saturday & Sunday, a few of the taps yesterday were running over a drip a second. It was a couple late nights in the Sugarhouse. Wife and kids just got back from collecting tonight. Looks like we had a decent run today but no record setter. Going to be a late night again because I have rail safety class out of town tomorrow and most likely won't be able to boil. Weather looks not too enjoyable for the outdoor guys up here the next 24 hrs. Freezing rain now just starting to change to snow with a few inches expected to stick around. They are calling for near 60's this weekend so whatever white stuff sticks won't be here for long. I really Enjoyed my outdoor boiling days but sure is nice to be in the dry on nights like tonight.

    Glad to hear from you as well Flat. Good luck with the new pump, would love to be on tubing one of these decades.
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    We had a huge weekend as well for the sap run. about 900 gals total. Collected some yesterday as well but things pretty well dried up again. Got the rest of the week off now so I am hoping for a good last week of sap running. Doesn't look good for the season beyond this coming weekend, but the weather forecasters have been wrong before!

    I am afraid my pump comes in on Saturday so I doubt I get the chance to try it out. Looking forward to the snow. Plan on throwing some in the freezer for Saturday's brunch and party. Planning to make some sugar on snow for the kids that show up. Give them all a good sugar buzz and then send them home with their parents!!!!

    Mounder, I too am glad to be inside. Had the thermometer pegged at 120 in the shack with the door open on Sunday. Thats too warm but it does feel good when its 20 out at night! Tubing is the way to go. More work at the beginning and end of the season but a lot less time needed during the sap runs. Squirrels are my biggest problem.

    Good luck over the weekend all..
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