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Thread: You know you're a maple addict when....

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    North Grenville

    Default You know you're a maple addict when....

    ...the first thing you do upon waking up is find the phone, dial the local EnviroCan (or American counterpart) for your area and listen to that flat metallic voice reel off the highs and lows for the upcoming week.

    Also, if you've ever checked your trees at any time of day wearing only jammies and boots, you're DEFINITELY an addict!!

    Your turn! :-)
    Been tapping since 2008, but mostly unexceptional til recent years.
    2015 - 18 taps/6 trees, 424l sap and 20.75l syrup
    2016 - 18 taps/6 trees..701l sap, 24l syrup
    2017 - 17 taps/6 trees...474l sap, 15.75l syrup
    2018 - 17 taps/7 trees...819l sap, approx 28l syrup
    2019 - 18 taps/8 trees...585l sap, 28l syrup...21:1 ratio
    2020 - 18 taps/8 trees...890.04l sap...gave some away, some snafu'd....23l total for me from more like 690l all told

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    ... you hope that the neighbours know you are looking out your windows with a pair of binoculars to check on your sap buckets, and NOT THEM!
    ~ Karen ~

    2012 - 10 taps, 1 turkey fryer - 169.5L sap 4.2 L syrup
    2013 - 23 taps, 2 turkey fryers - 748.5 L sap 17.56 L syrup

    2014 - 22 taps, 509 L sap 12.5 L syrup
    2015 - 28 taps, 1093.75 L sap 25.1 L syrup
    2016 - 25 taps, 1223.5 L sap 28.25 L syrup
    2017 - 21 taps, 518.5 L sap 12.7 L syrup
    2018 - 28 taps, 2 turkey fryers & Denali 3 burner propane stove - 798L sap 16.9 L syrup
    2019 - 28 taps, 1409.5L sap 40.12L syrup

    Sugar, Norway, Manitoba, Silver and Freeman Maples

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    I open the weather underground app every time I look at my phone to check the temp and forecast. I have gone out in my robe and slippers to check the sap ladder and turn on or off the vacuum pump. I always look in the sap bucket where my truck is parked even if I know it's too cold for the sap to run.

    "Red Roof Maples" Where the term "boiling soda" was first introduced to the maple producing world!

    Algier 2x6 evaporator, W F Mason arch
    Lapierre 250 Turbo RO machine
    SP-22 vacuum pump
    1930 Ford Model AA Doodlebug tractor
    1971 IH 454 52hp diesel tractor
    A couple of Honda 4 wheelers
    About a dozen chainsaws and no chickens

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    .......spend thousands of dollars so you can save $50 for a gallon of syrup.
    Noel Good
    1998 to 2009: 15 taps on buckets, scavenged fire pit and pans
    2010: New 2x4 SS flat pan w/preheater
    2015: New to me Lapierre 18x60 raised flue, new shack, new everything!! 59 taps 23.75 gallons made
    2016: 85 taps 19 gallons
    2017: Purchased 2.5 acres and tubed half with 3/16. 145 taps total 49.25 gallons made
    2018: 200 taps (162 on 3/16ths 38 on buckets) New NextGen RO 63 gallons made
    2019: 210 taps 73.5 gallons made

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    West Sumner, ME


    ....you come to this site multiple times a day just to see what's new...
    West Sumner Sugar House
    West Sumner, ME
    400 +/- Taps - 2 Shurflo systems - 2x6 Algier Evaporator - MES Dolly 300

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    Cant sleep at night thinking if you ran those mains the right way, if maybe you should have gone with a vacuum system on the new sugarbush, counting taps while driving by a piece of hardwoods...........the list goes on and on wouldn't trade it for nothing
    2011 2x6 leader and 125 taps and 30 buckets
    2012 another 200 taps on line and an addition to the sugar house
    2013 hoping to hit 400 taps on line and 25 buckets and adding a sap Guzzler
    2014 Brand new D&G 3x10 traditional evaporator and going to 450
    2015 D&G 3x10 and kicking the door on 500 on line
    My wife Marci who puts up with me buying "Maple Stuff"
    1 65 yr old father inlaw who is priceless
    And the good Lord above Amen
    Lakeview Blueberries/Maple Syrup on Facebook

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    You can't sleep at night cause you're hoping the sap runs the next day, and everyone you talk to you bring up the maple season.
    140 on 3/16 gravity 2018 and 120 sap sacks
    14 x 20 sugar shack
    2014 New custom 2x6 arch "The Firestorm" w/ preheater, AUF & AOF
    Smokey Lake pans and water jacket bottler
    Just a hobby but seems like more work every year
    No chickens or dogs
    Wife that guards our syrup
    43.74° N

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    You use all your vacation and personal time from work in March and its not to go some place tropical!
    2019 99 taps on buckets (95 red & 4 sugar)
    W.F. Mason 2x4 XL

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    S.Central NY


    When you check your buckets wearing only jammies and boots and your jammies are just a pair boxer shorts, ha...
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    Alcona County, Michigan


    You wash stuff that has syrup on it in fresh sap so you won't lose any syrup down the drain.
    44° 41′ 3″ N

    2019 -- 44 Red Maples - My home and sugarbush are for sale.
    2018 -- 48 Red Maples, 7 gallons
    2017 -- 84 Red Maples, 1 Sugar Maple, and 1 Silver Maple , 13 gallons
    2016 -- 55 Red Maples, 8 gallons
    2015 -- 15 Red Maples, 6 Birches - 3+ gallons maple syrup
    An awning over my deck is my sugar shack.
    An electrified kitchen sink and an electrified steam table pan are my evaporators.

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