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Thread: dry trees

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    Default dry trees

    I tapped a few trees Saturday and they were dry, today i tapped the rest and there running like mad. but the few i did Saturday are not running at all, is this strange or normal

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    DO not worry when time they will flow. We tapped out last week and nothing yet a few started but froze up again once they start you will say holy Shi ---- mother nature will will take care of it. Some with the sun on them may start to let go , wind has a lot to do with it for us like today sun was in and out but wind was from the north and cold then it clouded up with cold wind.
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    I actually got on here to ask the same question. This is my first year tapping. I have a few trees that are doing absolutely nothing. Not a drop. I have some that are giving a cup a day. I have one that is giving me more than a gallon per day, but it is on a nice slope with great south east exposure with little blocking it from the sun. The daytime temps just broke above 35 in the last 4 or 5 days.
    I marked all my trees in the fall when the leaves were still on, so I know they are healthy. I'm just disappointed that I have so many poor producers. I am on a small scale this year. I had other trees I could have tapped, but didn't. I will give some of these wimps another few days before pulling the taps and moving them to other trees.

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    Patience Nick,trees will do fine. They just need to thaw a bit and you should have a consistant run. Mine have been on again off again for the last few days.
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    Same here... We have 2 acres of maples... Tapped 26 on Saturday and some weren't running at all until today but just tiny bits. In fact the ones that are doing the best are the north facing ones with no sun exposure... Not what we researched would happen. Since it's our first time we are a bit rattled but are keeping our fingers crossed..
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    Mine are all barely flowing. If it's above freezing all night will they flow during the night?
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    Don't worry.....they will run. It's been so cold it will take a few days of warmer weather before things really pick up. I had a few run well today but most just dribbled a bit and that's about what I expected
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    Give them time to thaw. Just finishing here and I'm new to this but I have learned trees will have there own pace. You need some good sunny days to thaw before you give up on a tree.
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    Same here. Took a day off to finish setting up a new main line and catch up on tapping and about 50% of my tress were running and the other were dry as a bone. No rhyme nor reason as to why, but i have learned in just my short time of doing things just is to wait and observe because mother nature is fickle.

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