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Thread: Lunchbox Vacuum Releaser

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    Haynes Forest Products Guest


    Why is it so hard to find the leaks with the air driven pump verses a Surflow pump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haynes Forest Products View Post
    Why is it so hard to find the leaks with the air driven pump verses a Surflow pump?
    I don't have any experience with a sureflow but what I do know is that with the lunchbox when you have 1 leak it effects the whole system. The whole system full of sap gets sucked out instantly and you have to wait for it all to fill back up again to find leak. I made all my connections at 6 way star quick fittings. I made pieces of 5/16 tubing with a quick connect on them and a plug. To test for leaks I close air to pump off with a ball valve installed at pump. Disconnect all 5/16 lines. Plug lines comming off the star fitting. And hook 1 up to 6 way star. Turn pump back on and see how it cycles. If it levels off to a normal slow moving column of sap. Then it's got no leaks. If it races though the 5/16 then there's a leak. I jus repeat this cycle for every line.
    I tried with ball valves on all 5/16 lines but it works better with the plugs. I think it was because the smallest ball valve I could find was 1/2". So I reduced it to a barb fitting for 5/16 on both ends. The larger diameter of inside of valve was screwing with the flow. It would cause all the gases to get pulled over the sap and then not pull sap in very well. So I got rid of them. I've been thinking of going back to them and reconfigure it so it's facing upwards. But it's working the old way so why change it.
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    I'm running a small number of taps on my Lunchbox this year (25), but it's doing a great job. My usual tap count would be in the 50-75 range, but I lost access to some trees in this area.

    Leaks have been an ongoing issue with the system. I have not used star fittings, but just "T" my lines into the main line. This year I switched to all all 3/16 lines, and I find that the system holds a vacuum much better. My return and air lines are still 5/16.

    Next year I will probably move this to a more productive bush, if I have a place to power the compressor.
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    Default Star fitting on box

    Quote Originally Posted by Bricklayer View Post
    I've had the lunchbox now for 3 seasons. And the star fitting right on the pump is the best method.
    What star fitting did you use that mounted right to the lunchbox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nogden3929 View Post
    What star fitting did you use that mounted right to the lunchbox?
    Mine came with an adapter to 3/8 npt
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    Lunchbox releaser, I see Deans website is no longer available. Is he out of business???
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    Amazon and E bay say no longer available.
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    I had email him a month ago and he said it was no longer available.
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    57 taps on 3/16 line with check valves
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    I made one similar to the lunch box using a Flojet G57 model pump. It works quite well.

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    I bought a Lunchbox a few years ago. It is basically a small cooler (you can see it on YouTube) with a Flojet H58 10000 syrup pump hanging on a bracket. The pump is submersible and the cooler is filled with water which keeps the pump from freezing even when temps drop into the 20's at night. I have about 90 taps hooked up to the Lunchbox and can get 18 to 22 in.HG I bought another pump for around $80.00 on Ebay last season, bolted it to a stand and use it for pumping concentrate into my head tank. I just did an online search for the H58 series pumps and it appears that they are no longer making them. I would think that the newer model Flojet syrup pump would work. You can easily make a "Lunchbox" if you are somewhat handy.
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