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Thread: 2015 Tapping

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    Default 2015 Tapping

    Wow, the tapping categories still say 2014... hey the south is getting ready to tap here! It's 2015 already!

    Honestly I was seriously thinking about it new year's weekend, but the spell of really low temps on the other side of it usually just means a lot of sap saks with holes in them from getting too brittle in the cold, and a lot of replacing bags. We'll be later than usual tapping this year, but I am eyeing next weekend as a strong possibility. Still tweaking some equipment in the sugarhouse - we're switching from moving sap around with the big 2" diameter Rollerflex hoses down to 1 1/2 Tigerflex as they were a lot easier to manage last year. Amazing how much piping has to get replaced to do that. So I suppose I've got more than enough to do before next weekend. Anyone else thinking about it?
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    Hey Laz,
    I'm there. Of Course it's -30 tonight with the wind chill here in SE Wisconsin. Can't wait. We gave away all remaining syrup for Christmas and all kinds of friends signed up for this next year,...we'll see. Good Luck!

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