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Thread: difficulty attaching files

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    Default difficulty attaching files

    Hi Folks,

    New member here. I just started a thread in the "business" part of the forum with the intent of attaching an excel spreadsheet to my post. The site didn't seem to like the file ('invalid file type'). So I saved it as a PDF which, although a static rather than editable file, seemed to have promise for uploading. However, it exceeded the max file size of 19K (the pdf was only 200 kb, hardly a big file).

    Can someone provide guidance on the best way to attach, upload, or otherwise provide access to a file?

    thanks in advance,

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    Yes this is nice thread, I only suggest you decrease the PDF size's that's main reason or you have search on the Google. I hope you will find out the best solution.

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    Looks like there are 2 choices that will allow a larger file. JPG or ZIP

    Not sure if you have "Snipping Tool" on your computer or not... but its a really handy little tool to capture images from your screen and quickly copy or save them as jpg files..
    (I used it to copy this excerpt from the forum website screen... And a snip from an excel file...

    file sizes.JPG

    excel snippit.JPG
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