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Thread: MapleRama 2014 Thank You

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    Default MapleRama 2014 Thank You

    I was one of the tour stops Friday, Gervais Family Maple, in Bakersfield VT. I just want to thank all of the visitors that came to the sugarhouse. It was great to see all the new faces to me in the maple industry. I wish I could have talked to everyone a little longer. With the limited time we had I wish I could have learned more about everyone. Where you traveled from, how many taps you have how long you have been in the maple industry... If you have a moment could reply or send a message about your operation. Thank you again and my door is always open if anyone would like to come back to visit, maybe i can get to see your operations sometime. Gabe Gervais & BJ DeRosia

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    Thank you for opening you sugar house. Very nice and I hope you get the steam-a-way working like it should.


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    2014 125 taps 16 gallons
    2015 210 taps 49 gallons
    2016 164 taps 75 gallons new 2X6 leader max flue and homemade AOF/AUF arch
    2017 1500 taps 196 gallons RO added additions to building new tap lease
    2018 1588 taps 276 gallons
    upgrades for 2019 season 3 phase vacuum pump, stainless tank in woods, tubing replacement

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    Hi Gabe,
    Thanks for being a tour stop, I would have liked to come to your place but I was hosting too and I too thank all the friends of maple that came to visit all of our operations!
    Stephen & Lynn
    Fairfield Sugarmaker
    5x14 King w/Steamaway wood fired with a CDL 1800 GPH RO
    5000 taps on tubing a one bucket next to the sugarhouse for show
    SAME 60 hp to drag the wood out! Not so much now with the RO!!
    Lots of good stories being told

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    It was a great maplerama overall, thanks to all those who hosted and helped!
    Andy's Own Maple
    Andy Kinter (4th + generation maple producer)
    Approx 790 taps on vacuum

    3x10 nat. gas fired raised flue small bros.
    600 gph Lapierre RO
    Fine collection of used bulk tanks
    Kubota MX5100 sap hauler
    2 hives (that I don't spend enough time on)
    A great family that works together to make syrup!


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    This was a very well run tour to the nicest sugarhouses in the world and the organizers should be proud of themselves. The hospitality by all the sugarhouse operations was genuine and made it easy to pick up great ideas at every stop.
    The "red carpet" rolled out by Branon Family Maple Orchards and JR Sloan's Green Mountain Mainlines was truly impressive.

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