MMPA has recently learned that the new Maple Syrup Grade Kits, distributed in 2014, have one vial that is not accurate. These new kit, supplied by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture through the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, included a sample vial for the highest grade of syrup, now known as Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Taste, which was too light. Vermont officials did not realize the golden color/ delicate taste sample in the maple syrup grading kit was too light until kits were sold and distributed to maple syrup producers, according to Henry Marckres of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Henry Marckres said the USDA relied on Tintometer Ltd., a UK based company, to manufacture the kits. He said in the future the USDA is planning to make its own color samples. He also noted that the mix-up was “unfortunate,” but that the sample will be corrected by next year. So, some of that amber color syrup that producers jugged this year, may have been Golden, until it darkened after time in the jugs....... Many thanks to Mark Bryant for providing us with this information.
Michael Bryant

Why would you have the UK make these??