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How much we make in VT has little bearing on the bulk price.
Up here in Canada, we have been having a pretty lack-luster year. We caught the flows in late February, but we haven't boiled since March 1st. The season typically ends around April 20, so the runway is getting shorter and shorter. I know in Quebec, most places haven't even started yet.

IMO The bulk price staying stable more or less depends on Quebec having a less than average year. With 100 million pounds in the reserve before the season starts, more taps than last year, anything more than average yields will be too much for the markets to absorb in a reasonable amount of time for the federation to start moving inventory (its a lot of product for Quebec producers to have cash tied up in). The last 2 years have both seen record sales and record - FYI last year they sold 115 million pounds and produced 140 million pounds (both records or close to it).

We are at about 0.1 gpt, although producers south of us with a little warmer climate are at about 0.25 gpt.