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Thread: Checking what VT sugar makers are doing

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    Good deal randolphvt 👍
    2021- 125 taps on 3/16 gravity. New smokey lake 2x6 continues flow and new 12x16 sugar shack. Come on sugar season

    2020- 50 taps on gravity 11 gallons made. Had to end the season early due to family health issues

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    Good morning
    Does anyone have a price list for buying and selling sap for this season?
    Thank you
    filter press
    auto draw
    New leader oil fired


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    Here we are again, another season already here!! Looks like we will be getting in on some polar vortex action so no rush to tap here, looks like cold will go into first or second week of February. I Plan on starting tapping the first or second week of February, depending on forecast. Seems to be the sweet spot; not too earlier and not too late.

    Acquired a lease on a portion of property, about a 5000 tap potential. Just finishing up the first 1700 for this year this week. Pump house which holds tank and all vacuum components just about finished up, just a few loose ends. Should be right around 5200 taps this year which is a nice increase from 3500 deffinantly going to reach my next goal of producing 2000+ gals, as I expect to make 22-2400 gals if all goes as planned. 2 nice new stainless tanks which should help keep sap cleaner, should be a great year, can't wait!!

    Good luck to all can't wait to see what everyone is up to....
    18x30 sugarshack
    3500 taps high vac
    3x10 inferno with steampan
    7'' wes fab filter press
    D&G 1000
    300&400 gal stainless concentrate tank
    more taps to come in '19

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    We picked up 1500' of 1" prelash mainline from CDL...maybe 50' let on the reel after this week. It is pretty nice not tying the mainline to the wire. Also re-aligned about 200' of 1" mainline (reused the wire and used new mainline) after logging on the property. We should be able to hit 800-1000 taps this year.

    The logging was pretty interesting. Our sugarbush is about 9 acres of the 70 acre property. Definitely the highest concentration of Maples. Once one area was logged we realized how many more maples were present. Looking through all the hemlocks it was hard to see the real potential. The logger did a real nice job working around the maples. If time permits we'll get a line into that area and start tapping it this year. If not then it will be there next year.

    Hoping to drill mid-February.

    Tapping since 1985 (four generations back to early to mid 1900s). 200-250 taps on buckets and then tubing in the mid 90s. 2013- 275 taps w/sap puller 25 gal. 2014-295 taps w/sap puller 55 ga. (re-tapped to vacuum theory) 2015-330 taps full vac. 65 gal, 2016-400 taps 105 gal, 2017-400 taps 95 gal. 2018-additional 800' mainline and maybe 400 new taps for a total near 800 taps. 2x6 Leader WSE (last year on it) supported by a 250 gph RO.

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    Morning everyone!
    Hope everyone's summer was safe and productive.

    Looking at adding at least 2-300 taps additional here and I'm actively on the hunt for an RO. If anyone knows of one that's a 500gph unit or less please let me know!
    Mead Maple "It's for the kids..."
    Paul Cerminara
    2019 - First season ever
    -Goal: 3 gallons
    -Season Total: 7.5 gallons - pulled taps after running out of firewood and time
    Built 2'x8' Oil Fired with Thor drop flue pans
    -Goal: 20 gallons
    -Season Total: 55 gallons

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    Crew just finished up retubing (all laterals and drops) one section of our woods, mostly removing all 3/16" tubing (experiment done) and setting up a new project in that area. About 1,100 taps total. With that completed, tapping will start Monday, Jan 18. Should be quick(-er) and easy (-er) without much snow on the ground. Hopefully it'll stay mostly that way and the weather not excessively cold until they're done.

    Happy New Year and good luck to all as things ramp up to the coming 2021 season.
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    Dr. Tim Perkins
    UVM Proctor Maple Research Ctr

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    Has anyone made syrup through the Maple belt?
    We started tapping on Jan 4th, we are going to be close to 39,000 taps this year. We had the first 15,000 tapped by last Thursday and were surprised to get a run with a just a degree or 2 above freezing on Fri/Sat. About 0.6 GPT in, boiling it up today after winterizing everything once again on Sunday.
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    PCFarms - Producer of Maple Syrup and Distributor for H2O and DSD
    2019 - 30,300 taps
    2020 - 34,000 taps

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