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Thread: Induction Sealer: which model do I buy?

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    The horn on that one is smaller than the recommended one.
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    The company with that listing on E-Bay is a Technopack dealer! There phone Number is on the bottom of there E-Bay page. I bet they can fix you up with the right size horn. There in Florida.
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    Default Induction Sealing Systems

    Great questions around which induction cap sealing system is the best solution. You're likely to find a wide array of induction sealing systems suitable for your products. Here are a couple links to Enercon's induction sealers. Admittedly a bit more expensive than the systems discussed here, made in North America and supported directly from our factories & application teams strategcally place around the world. Happy to discuss any of these systems with you.

    Achieving a Perfect Seal - white paper about how to achieve best results in your sealing application

    Super Seal Jr - manual induction cap sealing machine

    Super Seal - low to high speed cap sealer

    Super Seal Touch - high speed heat induction sealer

    Super Seal Max - ultra-high speed sealing machine

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