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Thread: Homemade Filter press

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    Default Homemade Filter press

    Evening all, I have been watching and seeing allot of videos on people making their own filter press with vacuum pumps, stainless steel pots, air pigs, flat filters ect ect ect, but I have yet been able to find anything or anyone that wants to share the entire process of making one.

    Anyone have any detailed instructions or a link to instructions? I am a DIY kinda guy but need instructions to follow so I know what to do and where.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.
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    2DDC1AFC-C283-4E65-87F7-F6165A9FC743.jpg5AA79489-A453-4244-8656-6623F648A07C.jpgSo I looked at both the YouTube videos as well as the CDL website to make my own version. I looked at the cheap stainless steel pots that most people seem to be using from Walmart and decided to spend a little bit of money and ordered a double boiler from Amazon that I was able to adapt to what I think will work just fine. I was also able to order weld list fittings to except 1/2" stainless steel fittings also on Amazon. I will also pick up a vacuum pump from Harbor freight to use for the filter press that I think will work great. I am still in the process of putting it together but given the YouTube videos and the information I was able to glean from CDL, I think I should be fine.

    Dbl boiler
    Winware Stainless 20 Quart Double Boiler with Cover https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001AS7YSC..._TdbCCb7K7YW3R

    Ball valve/fittings
    Concord 1/2" 304 Full Stainless Steel Ball Valve Spigot w/ Bulkhead Nipple and Barb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GPEQYIW..._yebCCbK00YFN6

    Vacuum pump
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    I built 1 of these last yr. Worked good. But you would need the clamps like cdl has. I didn't have clamps an needed a second set of hands to hold down pressure to make the seal. I also started by using pre filters but still had sand. I then started using the orlon filter and 2 or 3 prefilters depending on the amount to filter. After that syrup was clear and free of sand. I have sense went to the small press like Maple Guys have but a different kind. That works better and can filter up to 14gals on a set of papers.

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    I just built a similar prototype. SS pot for vacuum chamber, 5 gal bucket lid fits perfect over SS pot to get seal (a lot easier to drill than bottom of a SS pot!) & cut bottom out of 5 gal bucket as top chamber and a 12 cfm 2 stage vacuum pump W/ no reservoir tank. Worked pretty good. Latches will be an improvement over bungie cords. My concern is all the moisture mixing in with pump oil. I'm thinking of adding a 3rd chamber to cool steam back to water. By sucking stem through a couple inches of water? Any thoughts?
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