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If I were to take a line off of my AOF/AUF blower to power a bubbler would to be necessary to put a filter on that line? Using a bouncy house blower for AOF. Blower is in the attic of kitchen.
As long as the air you're pumping into your syrup is free of any fumes or dust etc, you should be fine. You probably won't know until you try it.
I'm not sure what Russ at Red Roof Maples uses, he has certainly paved the way on this forum regarding bubblers, and I'm sure he makes great syrup.

The H20 unit has 3 filters to clean the air. Outermost is a standard pleated filter much like on a small furnace; the inner two are charcoal.
My thoughts are that if you're certain the air is clean and you're not adding any nasty stuff, you should be fine. On the other hand; H20 is selling a product with little control over the installation so they went the extra mile with filters and all stainless construction.

As this is one piece of equipment that could really mess things up; for me going with a professionally made commercial unit was a no-brainer!
It's not like making your own arch or an RO, we're talking about injecting air directly into your finished product.
As a side benefit, I can Tee off the main air pipe and add AOF or AUF at a later date. The blower is that powerful.