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Thread: When to tap?

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    That was a good read, thanks. I think I'm changing my mind now. Between the results of that study, new predictions of it being colder next week than the last prediction I saw, and the upcoming snow (which will slow the flow down anyway), I might as well hold off tapping until the 15th or 16th, depending on how it looks after that. No need to start too soon. Mid Feb to mid March is pretty normal for here. Can use the snow to help keep my sap bags cold too.
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    Yeah, they really changed the forecast for this weekend! Originally it was hitting the high 30s by Friday, 40s for Sat and Sun and some 50s next week. Now all that is off b/c of the winter storm. A warm up is still on the way for next week, but it might be short lived and this weekend is colder. I'm afraid if it does warm up on Monday I'll miss the first run because I can only tap on weekends. If it gets up above freezing at all, I might try to get them in in anticipation of the mid-week run. We'll have a better idea Saturday.

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    That's a great article about tapping times....its a question I always had, and wondered what the tradeoffs are... thanks for sharing.
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